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Felicity Ward

She's Back, Baby!

Sat 09 Jul 2022 7:30PM

Athenaeum Theatre 2

Hey hey hey!

It's been three long years, but she's back, baby!

Woy Woy's very own Felicity Ward is ditching the UK summer for a few weeks of sunshine in OZ this July.

And she has so much to talk about! She had a baby (it took ages), bought a house (hello mortgage!) and learned how to spell 'rthythm'...rhythm?

Direct from her ver own Amazon Prime stand up comedy special, join one of our very best comedians, live on stage, for a night of high energy jokes, stories and an old fashioned catch-up.


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Sat 09 Jul 2022 7:30PM

Running Time

1 Hour, 10 Mins

Presented by

Laughing Stock Productions


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